Eureka! Two Weeks of World Class Map Events in the World's Favorite Playground!

Whether uttered by Archimedes in Ancient Greece, miners during the California Gold Rush, or participants of the Cal-O-Fest (when discovering the awe inspiring orienteering terrain California offers), the term "Eureka!" is a fitting motto not just for the State of California (yes, it is the state's official motto), but for this Cal-O-Fest as well.

"Eureka" is Greek for "I found it" and it is a simple, beautiful way to express something that we, as orienteers, experience a lot in this sport we know and love. Every time we come upon that orange-and-white control marker, our inner voice erupts "Eureka!" and we are filled with an instant shot of joy, energy and excitement. We know you will be filled with the same joy and excitement over and over during this crazy cool navigation sports party in the woods.

California really is that amazing - come see for yourself.